Student Mentorship

Propelled by vision and Goals.

In collaboration with the Harvest Committee and Youth Affairs Committee, we kickstarted a series of programs and youth engagements, with a talk on Propelled by Vision & Goals. The topic was handled by Mr. Johnson Fayemi, an external facilitator with a proven track record of capacity building.

Following the service, we had a fire side chat virtual engagement on Career Planning for the secondary school students at the Youth Center tagged Faith Fueled Future 3’Fs”. Our guest, facilitator Mrs. Temmy Oyawoye (nee Ode) shared her personal experience on how she accessed funding for school as well as shared the opportunities available for secondary school students and how they can position themselves for the future.

Amongst others, she emphasized the need to build a professional profile (LinkedIn) and create a top notch cv as these are tips for career development.

We also had a moment where our Monijesuloba Majekodunmi & Omotola Olugasa shared on their School Application process. The session covered essential topics related to standardized tests, essay writing, extracurricular activities, college applications, and scholarships. They advised on the need to prepare diligently, considering standardized tests like IELTS, SAT, IGCSE, TOEFL as gateways to their academic aspirations.

The importance of effective essay writing was also emphasized, with personal and supplemental essays being key components of applications. The need to also engage in extracurricular activities tailored to one’s field of interest that can further enhance a student’s profile was also emphasized.

Lastly, the significance of scholarships, whether merit-based or need-based, was highlighted as a valuable opportunity for financial support on the educational journey.

It was indeed an engaging and eye-opening session for the students, and we trust God for the success.

We had 23 students in attendance, and we are currently working towards organizing follow up sessions focused on cv’s drafting and knowledge sharing on admission and funding opportunities for students at both the 7am & 10:30 services.

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